Quick Glimpse Oracle reading


Gain direct guidance about a possible outcome, taking into consideration your current situation and a step you can take towards the best outcome. 


Why choose a Quick Glimpse Oracle reading

Quick Glimpse Oracle reading reading is designed to provide information about a possible future outcome, taking into consideration your present and a positive step you can take right now towards a positive outcome. This reading is great when you just need guidance about your present and possible future only.

Ask General or a specific question

You can ask for general information and guidance or ask a specific question about a particular area in your life you’d like a future outcome for, such as a decision, a goal, career, personal, relationship, business or other future outcome. 

Spread for 3 card oracle reading includes:

1. My current situation

2. A positive step I can take right now

3. The future outcome

What’s included in this reading:

You will receive detailed descriptions of each card and a final summary of the full reading.

Oracle reading sent to your inbox within 48 hours.

How to redeem a coupon to purchase this oracle reading

Click on ‘add product to cart’. Go to your cart and click on check out or pay by PayPal. 

At the check out page add in the coupon code in the ‘Add coupon code’ section and also add in the Ref no below the coupon code. The number will be between 0001 – 9999.

Click on make payment to complete your purchase. 


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