Personal Oracle reading


Gain answers to personal questions related to your strengths, heart’s yearnings, needs and next steps. Ask a question about your concerns, finances, personal goals or career.


Why choose a personal oracle reading

Personal Oracle reading is designed to answer any personal questions related to you and your journey in life. This reading gives you a glimpse into the different parts of yourself including your heart’s yearnings, what your head already knows logically, your intuition and strengths, who your supports are, any changes needed and needs to be met and offers you a  next step you can take.

Ask General or a specific question

You can ask for general information and guidance or ask a specific question about a particular area in your life you’d like advice about. 

Spread for 7 card oracle reading includes:

1. What my intuition knows.

2. My heart yearnings 

3. My strengths I can use

4. What needs to change

5. What my head knows already

6. What I need more of

7. What step I can take that will benefit my life.

What’s included in this reading:

You will receive detailed descriptions of each card and a final summary of the full reading.

Oracle reading sent to your inbox within 48 hours.


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