Personal Oracle Reading


Personal oracle reading designed to answer your personal questions.  The reading gives you a glimpse into what your intuition, heart and head says. As well as what strengths you can use and what needs to change. It also highlights what you need more of and a next step you can take to benefit your life.

You can ask a general query or a specific question related to your career, personal life, finances, a specific goal or other personal question.

Personal oracle reading spread layout:

  1. What my intuition knows; 2. My heart’s yearnings; 3. My strengths I can use; 4. What needs to change; 5. What my head knows already; 6. What I need more of; 7. What step I can take that will benefit my life.


Personal oracle reading includes detailed information for each card in the layout.  Reading finished with a general overview of the messages highlighted.

Oracle Reading emailed within 48 hours.

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