Dream Goal Oracle reading


Receive guidance and inspiration to support you towards achieving your most treasured dreams and goals.


Why choose a Dream Goal Oracle reading?

Dream Goal Oracle reading is designed to provide information and guidance regarding an important goal you’re working towards or considering.

It offers information about what can assist you to meet your goal, where you may need to put more energy and time towards your goal, what’s holding you back, what your innermost hopes are, who your supports and where your resources come from and a final possible outcome for your desired goal.

Ask a general or specific question

This reading is a great reading to ask a specific question related to a particular goal or you can also ask for general guidance about a goal or goals you’re working towards.

Spread for 7 card oracle reading includes:

1. Current Goal

2. My energy

3. My fears

4. My Hope’s

5. Who will help me?

6. What will help me?

7. The outcome

What’s included in this reading?

You will receive detailed descriptions of each card and a final summary of the full reading.

You can choose an oracle to match this reading, such as a tarot or angel oracle here or I can choose one for you. 

Oracle reading sent to your inbox within 48 hours.


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