Dream Goal Oracle reading


Dream Goal Oracle reading offers you guidance and information about a particular important goal.

Do you have a goal or a dream that you’re hoping to achieve but unsure or worried how you’ll achieve it? 

This email oracle reading can provide guidance about what can assist you to achieve your goal.  As well as giving information about what could be holding you back.  Also where you may need to put some more effort or energy into achieving your goal.  It finishes with insight into a possible outcome of your desired goal. 

This is a great reading if your contemplating taking steps towards a goal.  Or, if you’re unsure of what is holding you back from pursuing a particular goal. It’s also good for knowing what can help you to achieve your goal.

Spread layout includes: 1. My current goal; 2. My energy; 3. My fears; 4. My hopes; 5. Who will help me; 6. What will help me; 7. The outcome.


Dream goal oracle reading includes detailed information for each card in the layout.  Reading finished with a general overview of the messages highlighted.

Oracle Reading emailed within 48 hours.

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