7 Card Personal reading


Psychic 7 spread~ Your Soul, Your Heart, Positive, Your lesson, Your Head, Your Energy and Tenacity (What you need and where you’re headed currently)

This reading is all about you!  It’s a great reading to learn more about who you are, what you need, what you’re doing that’s positive, what your current lessons are, where your energy is being used and the direction that you’re currently headed in relation to a specific question, or in general.

When you order this reading, at the cart page please add information into the form prior to making your payment:

1. Include your question or select to have a general reading.

2. Choosing an oracle deck or I’ll select one at random for you. You can view my selection of oracles here Oracle Range

You will receive an image of the full spread, as well a detailed description of each card in the layout.

Reading sent in an email within 48 hours.


This particular oracle card reading is all about you.  It’s designed to assist you to gain more insight into yourself in relation to a particular question or just insight into your current situation.

You’ll gain a lot of personal insight, information and guidance about your current situation and next steps to take.

Spread credit: Carmine-Salerno,Toni, 2003, Angels, Gods and Goddesses Guidebook, Blue Angel Gallery; Glen Waverly, Australia.

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