30 minute phone or Skype oracle reading


A 30 minute phone or Skype reading is a great choice when your unsure which spread you want. It’s an interactive live reading that you’ll gain a lot of information, guidance and inspiration from. You also get the chance to talk through the reading as it’s presented and you can choose a spread or 2 spreads of up to 10 cards.

At the start of the reading, I’ll briefly confirm your question and choice of oracle deck. Based on your question and deck, I’ll discuss with you types of spreads you can choose and once you’ve made your choice, layout the cards. The reading includes detailed descriptions of each card, as well as the spread or spreads, as a whole.

When you order this reading, at the cart page please use the form to add information about:

1. What your question is or select to have a general reading.

2. Select an oracle deck or tick for me to choose one at random for you. You can view my selection of oracles here Oracle Range

After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox so please check your inbox or spam folder for this. Please sms or email me if you don’t receive this email.

I will contact you at your confirmed time/date to begin your reading, please ensure your phone or computer is charged and ready to go.

Please book an appointment time below, then click on the ‘Add to cart’ button.

Appointment times:


A phone or Skype oracle reading starts with confirming your oracle choice, question and discussing the spread for your reading.  I will shuffle the cards, choose cards and then lay these out in the spread. The reading will include a brief overview of the full layout, as well as a detailed description of each card in the layout.

During this reading, you can ask questions, as well as bring your own input into the reading which will make it an even more of a deep and insightful reading for you.

If you are on Skype then you will be able to view the spread and cards during the session.  You are welcome to record the reading for your own personal use.

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