10 card relationship reading


Relationship spread- 1. Relationship now, 2. You now, 3. Your fears, 4. Your hopes, 5. Your actions, 6. Him or her now, 7. His or her fears, 8. His or her hopes, 9. His or her actions, 10. The future of the relationship.

This reading is the one to choose for all relationship and questions about romance and true love! It’s a brilliant reading to learn more about your relationship with a particular person or someone new! It’s very accurate and you’ll gain a a lot of information and insight into your relationship with someone else to use in your daily life.

Oracle reading includes an image of the full spread and a detailed description for each card in the layout.

When you order this reading, at the cart page please include information into the form prior to making your payment:

1. Include a question or select a general relationship reading.

2. Select an oracle deck or select for me to choose one for you. You can view my selection of oracles here Oracle Range

Your reading will be emailed within 48 hours.


This reading is a good choice regarding any relationship questions. It will provide information about yourself and the other person as well as the future of the relationship.

It’s an ideal reading to do when you first start dating someone; it will give you some good insight into the relationship and if it has any future. You could also use it when making a decision about whether to stay in a relationship or move on.

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