1 oracle answer reading


A 1 oracle answer reading is useful when you just want a yes, no or maybe answer to a specific question, to know a possible time frame, a specific outcome answer or for more general information about your future.

A 1 card reading can also be used as an add on to a 3, 7 or 10 card reading. You can request a time frame for an outcome, a yes or no answer to your reading question or you could ask for further information for your reading -such as, “Should I continue in this direction?”

Oracles to use for this particular reading are from the 1 oracle answer selection. To view this range prior to making your selection please click here Oracle Range

When you order the 1 oracle answer reading, at the cart page include your question and select your choice of oracle, prior to making your payment.

If you have ordered this reading on its own, it will be sent to you in an email within 24 hours, however if you have requested it as an add on to another reading, it will be emailed as part of your main reading within 48 hours.


The 1 oracle answer reading can be used as an oracle reading on its own, or added to a 3, 7 or 10 card reading to request information about time frames, a yes, no or maybe answer, an outcome or further information.

For example you could use a reading from the Fantasy Future’s oracle to see what’s in store for you in the coming week or month or year.

Alternatively, you could ask if its the right time to move in a particular direction from the I Ching.

Any questions about this particular reading, feel free to contact us here Contact Us

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