1 hour phone or Skype oracle reading


This reading is a great choice when you would like to discuss the reading and ask questions, as it’s presented. You have a choice of a 10 card spread and a 1 oracle answer reading or any type of spread/s up to 11 or 12 cards.

The reader will involve you in the process and talk you through the messages including providing a broad overview of the spread messages, as well as the message of each individual card featured in the spread.

Discussing the reading as its presented plus provision of your own input, can make this a very deep and insightful experience that you’ll gain alot from.

To order this reading, please book an appointment time here, then click on the ‘Add to cart’ button.


A phone or Skype oracle reading starts with asking about your oracle choice, spread and question and then the reader will shuffle and layout the cards in the spread you have chosen. The reading includes a brief overview of the layout reading and a detailed description for each card in the layout.

During the phone reading, you have a choice of

1. Asking a question or choosing to have a general reading.

2. Choosing an oracle deck or we select one for you. You can view our range of oracles here Oracle Range

3. Choosing which spread you would like. You can view more information about oracle spreads available here

You are welcome to record the reading on your phone or over skype while it is in progress, if you have this technology.

When you have ordered and paid for this reading, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox so please check your inbox or spam folder for this. Please sms or email us if you don’t receive this email.

We will contact you at your confirmed time/date to begin your reading, please ensure your phone or computer is charged and ready to go.

*Cards featured in image are from The Romance Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

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