Oracle Reader Professional Ethics

I take my ethical responsibility as a reader to all my clients very seriously to ensure that I provide the most professional service and always maintain an ethical standard of conduct and behaviour. 

Below is further information about my professional ethics as an oracle reader, as well as more information about my history as an oracle reader and how I read the oracles. If you have any questions about my ethics or practice, feel free to contact me on the contact me page link and email at the bottom of the page.

I love oracles and I’ve been reading them since I was 17 so it’s a process that comes naturally but one I’ve also refined over the years.

I’m very kinaesthetic so I need to actually do things to learn them and I pick up on emotions and thoughts around me, as well as energies and atmospheres.  I also get random premonitions in every day life and in my dreams, as well as have instant thoughts of knowing things like of changes happening at that moment.  I have seen fairies and angels around people and can pick up on when people have negative feelings towards me or who love me.

I grew up in the country on a farm 10 minute drive from a small country town. We had clean air, picked our own produce from the garden and had nature, animals and old trees all around us.   We didn’t have much money but we had all our basic needs met, so with this base I’ve always been really humble, grateful and quite clear in what I know to be true; I see beyond ego bullshit and can clearly see the down to earth truth of matters on many levels. I also have a background in psychology, counselling, reiki and training.  I’m very aware of professional boundaries as an oracle reader and as a counsellor and have insight into my own projections and those of others, as well as transference of others and countertransference for myself, if it comes up.

Before every oracle reading for myself and others, I always do a protective and cleansing short meditation for myself and for the oracles in use. This meditation involves calling in god, my guardian angels and guardian fairies, Archangel Michael and Archangels Gabriel and other angels depending on what the focus of the reading is and doing a healing symbol visualisation with 3 deep breaths. I always finish this meditation with ‘under the highest law of one, thank you, thank you, thank you’ to ensure that all messages are from the highest source of guidance. I finish each reading with a cleansing white light and a thank you again and a crystal to cleanse the cards after a reading.

When I read the cards for other people, I always shuffle, pick cards thinking of the other person and their question and put the cards out in the particular spread. I then read the cards one by one. When I read, I notice where the card is in the spread first, then I note on the card the words, pictures, colours and any thoughts, feelings or any visions that come up in my head at the time I’m looking at the card. For example, I might see a story in my minds eye. I do this for each card and once I’ve done this, I then pick up each card one by one and start writing down what I’m seeing, feeling, thinking and any words, stories that come to my mind in relation to the cards in the spread.

Once I’ve done this for each card, I put them away for a few hours and then when my mind is clear again, I pick up each card up and take a fresh look and begin typing out the reading and add in any further insights that I notice. By doing this I may pick up more from the cards and the spread that’s important for the person. For myself, I find that taking a break can bring in fresh energy and insight, which is why I take at least a few days to email the reading to you. I’m thorough!

After I’ve completed the reading process and after emailing it to you, I then thank god, my guides, angels, fairies for the support and guidance and imagine white light through myself, the cards and place a crystal on the cards. Doing these small things cleanses the energy of the reading, myself, the cards and closes down the energy of the reading so I can go about my day and leave it there.

This is also a way of setting my own personal and professional boundary as an oracle reader-once the reading is completed I leave it and give it to you. It’s then yours. We all need rest and balance and can’t be on 24/7.  This is really important to ensure I stay really grounded and self aware too to keep the readings focused on the person and their particular needs, as well as be there for my family, friends and myself when I’ve finished a reading.

You’re always welcome to contact me to discuss your reading afterwards and I’m happy to discuss over email or book in a time to chat with you so know that I’m available to do this at a time that suits us both. I’m really open to any type of positive it constructive feedback your like to offer me as an oracle reader and this can certainly benefit my practice.

As a professional oracle reader I will always ensure client’s:

  • Are treated with respect, dignity and kindness
  • Receive the service they have paid for and delivered within the time frame specified. If I can’t do this due to exception circumstances I will contact the person to in form when they will receive the reading.
  • Are always treated in a professional manner and I will always stay within my role as an oracle reader and not work outside of this role with paying customers
  • Information is always kept private and confidential as per the privacy information on this website.
  • Are emailed special offers, however you will not harassed by me for marketing purposes and if you do not wish to receive offers you have a right to unsubscribe from any email correspondence.
  • If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your reading. Please contact me to let me know and I will discuss with you how we can resolve this issue including listening and taking on any feedback you have for me. I will offer a replacement reading that suits you free of charge after consulting with you.
  • Constructive feedback and suggestions are listened to and carefully considered. If you have asked for a return email, you will receive a response within 7 days.

Thank you for visiting Believe in your Dreams oracle and for reading this blog. Feel free to contact me at the contact page here Contact Me 

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Have a great day!

Love and Blessings your way.


Founder/Oracle reader