Relationship Oracle reading


Gain answers to your relationship questions. Ask a general or specific question related to any type of relationship with another person.


Why a Relationship Oracle reading?

Relationship Oracle reading is a 10 card email Oracle reading designed to answer your questions about your relationship with another person. This could be a family member, a friend, a partner, an acquaintance or work colleague, a husband or wife or even a person you are going to have a relationship with or an ex-partner. 

Ask a general or specific question

You can ask a general or specific question to learn more about the current and possible future outcome of your relationship with a person. Alternatively you can ask a general question about your relationships for guidance. 

Sample questions

Some examples of questions you could ask using this Oracle reading are featured below. You could ask lots of other questions using this reading about your relationships to gain answers and guidance. If you’re unsure what to ask, feel free to contact me for advice about how to frame your question or what to ask.  I’m happy to assist. 

  • We went on a first date, will he contact me again?
  • Could you tell me more about the future of my relationship with (person’s name)?
  • Will my relationship with (persons name) improve?
  • Will me and (persons name) get married?
  • I really like (persons name ), should I call him/her to go on a date?
  • I miss my ex, should I contact him/ her to get back together?
Relationhip Oracle reading Spread layout:

1. Your relationship with him/her now

2. You now

3. Your fears

4. Your Hope’s

5. The near future

6. Him/her now

7. His/her fears

8. His/her Hope’s

9. How he/she will treat you in the near future?

10. The future of the relationship.

What is included in this reading?

A relationship oracle or tarot deck will be used for a personalised relationship reading. You can choose one of I can choose one for you. 

You will receive a detailed explanation of each card, with an overall summary of the messages from the reading. 

Oracle reading emailed to your inbox within 48 hours.


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