2 card oracle reading


Get answers to two of your most pressing questions. Ask general or specific questions. 


Why choose a 2 card oracle reading

2 card oracle reading is designed to answer 2 of your most pressing questions.

This oracle reading can answer inquiries, such as yes or no questions, time frame information, am I on the right path, information about my next step or any other question you may have.

There are specific oracles to answer these questions called direct answer oracles here. Or you can choose any oracle to answer your questions.

Ask a general or specific question

You can ask a general question or ask a specific question about a particular area in your life you’d like an answer for, such as questions about romance, relationships, decisions, next steps or an outcome.

How to redeem a coupon to purchase this oracle reading

Click on ‘add product to cart’. Go to your cart and click on check out or pay by PayPal. 

At the check out page add in the coupon code in the ‘Add coupon code’ section and also add in the Ref no below the coupon code. The number will be between 0001 – 9999.

Click on make payment to complete your purchase. 


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