New year Oracle reading

At the start of a new year people often set new years resolutions. My January blog inspires you to start 2020 with a new year Oracle reading! A new year oracle reading provides guidance and information for the coming year and can either guide the new year resolutions you make or support your existing ones. Read on to discover how you can do your own New year Oracle reading for the coming year easily and simply in 30 minutes and the benefits of yearly readings.

A simple and easy new year Oracle reading

There are many different ways you could do your own new year Oracle reading that are simple and easy to do, and surprisingly accurate. It should only take around 30 minutes to do your own but you can spend as long as you want on it. However, I’d suggest not going over an hour as the human brain has the most concentration for up to 50 minutes, then it’s good to take a break.

I also show you a few tips you can add to your own Oracle reading to give it more accuracy, protection, and clear guidance from the cards, as well as how to include your guardian Angel and fairies, totem animals and the Mermaids, if you want their guidance and inspiration included in your oracle reading.

Start with choosing oracle decks

The first thing to do is to choose an Oracle or Tarot deck that you can read easily and that you like to use. You can choose any deck that suits you.

For yearly oracle readings my preference is the Fairy Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue, along with extra messages from the Guardian Angel Oracle cards by Debbie Malone, Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish and the Angel animal oracle cards by Soul and Spirit. 

The tarot is great deck to use for the main spread, as it features major life  and every day life themes. The fairies love to support humans with daily matters, including self love,  caring for ourselves and others and the earth,  achieving our goals, our desires and wishes. They also want us to have more fun and passions in our lives so will add some of this advice into our yearly readings.

Fairy Tarot is a great choice for yearly oracle readings.

Oracle decks are also a good choice as all the messages are positive and uplifting and there are so many choices of oracle deck to choose from to meet your own preferences. I have around 60 different decks in my collection that you can view here and choose if you order an oracle reading for me for the coming year or any time.

My preference for big readings like this one is to use Oracle decks that feature messages from my Guardian Angels, Mermaids and animals to add specific information to my new year oracle reading. That way I gain a comprehensive picture for 2020 and gain support, inspiration and assistance from the elementals and angels who I connect with at a deep level.

Next choose a spread to offer guidance for the year

Then choose a spread for a yearly reading.  There are many to choose from and you can even do a couple of spreads, along with a couple of decks for extra guidance and inspiration.  My preferences are to do a personal reading and a Celtic cross reading. Other people like to do a yearly or 6 month at a time reading. I’ll discuss the yearly spread in this blog as it’s an easy one for anyone to start with. I then add an extra touch to it, with extra messages using the different oracle cards I’ve selected above.

Preparing for your yearly Oracle reading

Before beginning your new year reading it’s a great idea to create clear and positive atmosphere with the use of some incense like sage. Light the incense and sweep the smoke over your cards and house to clear the old energy, inviting fresh new energy into your environment and your Oracle cards ready for the new year Oracle reading.

After that, close your eyes, focus on your heart centre imagining the colour’s green and pink and call upon your guardian Angel’s and fairies,  your guides, Archangel Michael (for protection) and Gabriel (for clear and accurate communication from the cards and your intuition) and to thank them for their guidance, in advance. You can also call upon an ancestors or elementals or angel’s who you connect with for support and guidance during your oracle reading.

Guardian Angel cards are a good choice for monthly angel messages.

Begin your Oracle Reading

Shuffle your first deck of cards while thinking about the coming year and each month of it. Ask the cards for general information, guidance and inspiration for the coming year. You could also ask for general information related to a specific area for the coming year, such as relationships, romance,  career, life direction or life purpose. 

It’s a good idea to start the reading off by asking for general information about the coming year, then from this information requesting specific information. You’ll gain the most clear information this way.

Reading the Oracle cards

Yearly Oracle reading example with monthly messages from the fairy Tarot.

When you’re ready to choose 12 cards – one for each month starting with the month you’re currently in – pick them at random from the deck or choose from the top and lay them out in a large circle. The top card being the current month and laying the rest of the cards out clockwise til you come back to your first card.

When you have all the cards laid out, read each card message one by one. Using a notepad to make a note of the words, phrases, images, symbols on the card and information that stands out for you from the accompanying manual. Also note images and words in your mind’s eye, feelings and thoughts from your intuition and anything that stands out for you in your environment at that particular time or just after the reading. Note anything that comes up even if you feel like it’s random or not relevant. It will make sense later on.

When reading the oracles it’s very important not to overthink it or question or dismiss messages. Have an open mind and note the first messages that come to mind. If you’re worried about a message, ask for more information and pick another card. You could even pick the guardian Angel who can support you in this area.

Support from your guardian Angel’s

Yearly Oracle reading example with monthly messages from your guardian Angel’s.

After you’ve completed your notes from the main spread, you then pick up and shuffle the Guardian Angel cards first. As you shuffle, ask for guidance from your guardian Angel for each month. This process is a bit different. Choose a card for each month. As you choose a card, make a note of it in your notes. Then put the card back in the pack and choose again, til you have noted 12 cards for each month. The reason for this is that a particular guardian Angel may offer you support over a few months.

Look at each monthly message and use the same process as above for each monthly card drawn. If there’s a card that’s featured more than once, ask for specific guidance from the card related to each particular month it is featured and notice what impressions you gain from your thoughts, feelings, intuition, minds eye, environment as well as the main card messages. Recognise that some things may stand out more for each month and note.

Asking specific questions

Yearly Oracle reading example with messages from the Mermaids about specific questions.

Then proceed to the other oracle decks that you’ve chosen to use to ask for further guidance. Shuffle each one and as you do, ask if any specific questions you’d like to ask for a particular month from the information you’ve already gained. Note the information from each card as a above. Add these cards to the appropriate month.

You could also ask for each month what your biggest challenge will be and how you can resolve it. Ask questions like who or what can help me achieve my goal or new year resolutions or you could choose a card for your totem animal or bird for the year and request guidance and support for the year or particular months from them. It’s really up to you and you can experiment with asking questions and seeing what guidance you get.

There are so many ways to gain yearly and monthly guidance, inspiration and support. Add these cards to your reading to see a broad overview of the guidance for the coming year and each particular month.

Oracle of the Mermaids can be used to answer specific questions.

Closing the reading

Take a photo of you’re final spread to add to your notes and keep for future reference. I keep copies in my notes on my phone with notes from each reading and date each one to easily look back at.

Always remember to finish and close off the reading by re-shuffling your cards, putting a clear quartz or other crystal to cleanse your cards or you can sweep sage over your cards again. Finalise the process by thanking the angels,  guides and fairies for their support and guidance and ask Archangel Michael to close off the reading for today.

I’ve included my own reading as an example to support you in your own journey.  I’d love to see for own spreads and you’re welcome to ask me any questions about any process of a new year oracle reading including how to word your questions, what particular symbols, animals or other information means or what questions you could ask. I’m happy to assist you with anything related to your oracle reading.

Final words

A yearly Oracle reading can be a wonderful and positive tool to support your own growth, progress and yearly resolutions. It can also support you with deciding on what resolutions to focus on for the coming year.

Oracle readings can include a bunch of decks, oracle and tarot or just oracle or tarot decks and even just one deck. They can be quick and easy or more detailed. It’s up to your needs, time, confidence, energy and preferences. Do what suits you and enjoy the process. Remember too, that you can always come back and finish your reading another day or can do the process over a few days or a week.

You can order an oracle reading from Believe in your Dreams Oracle

If you’d just prefer someone else do a new year oracle reading for you, you’re very welcome to order one here on my website. I have a variety of email and live oracle readings here on my website or on Facebook to order with a secure checkout. You can choose one of my oracle readings here and include in the check out information that you’d like me to focus on the coming year for you here. I can also do a yearly reading for you during one of my live readings here over the phone, Skype or in person.

Thanks for reading my blog for January. I hope you’ve gained something from it for your own life and it inspires you to complete your own new year oracle reading!

All the best for 2020. 🙂



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