Wild earth Oracle cards

Wild Earth Oracle cards have been created to encourage you to connect with our precious wild earth and with your own wild self. They’re designed to guide, support and inspire you within your daily life.

Each one features a daily life theme, with an associated image of our wild earth and the name of the angel, archangel, god or goddess who you can call upon for support in this area.

The cards written message finishes with breathing in the relevant chakra colour with the angel, archangel, goddess or god and which crystal you can use for more support.

For more information about how to choose a card see below the card.

Your sight is clear and you can trust in what you see and sense.

Your ability to see things clearly in your life and that of others is strong. Your intuition is very clear, and you can trust the messages from your heart and from spirit that your seeing. This is confirmation that you’re on the right track on your path. Trust in and notice the messages that are right in front of your face including messages and pictures on billboards, conversations you hear, things other people say to you out of the blue, feelings you sense or visions you see in your mind eye. If your unsure what to trust out of all the messages, you receive, ask the universe for a sign and trust the repeated messages shown. Your sight is clear and all is well.
Breathe in the colour Indigo and call upon Archangel Raziel to support your clear sight and to trust in yourself! Keep a clear quartz close by, to support your ongoing clear sight and this is a great crystal to mediate with to open yourself up to messages from the universe.

How to use

Ask as many questions as you need. Think of a question in your head, say it out loud or write it down before choosing a card from the deck below.

To shuffle the cards, click the small icon on the left above the cards.

When you’re ready to see your message, click on the link on the right (next to the shuffle icon) or click on the card. To view the card’s written message, click on the card again. Repeat the process to pick another card. Enjoy!

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