Wild earth Oracle cards

Wild Earth Oracle cards have been created to offer you guidance, support and inspiration. Ask as many questions as you need. Click on the card below twice for an oracle message or for an answer to a question.

Wild Earth Oracle cards invite you to connect with nature and your true self. Each card features a daily life theme, with an associated image of our wild earth and the name of the angel, archangel, god or goddess who you can call upon for support in this area.

Every card’s written message finishes with breathing in the relevant chakra colour, invoking higher support and the crystal you can use to assist in your daily life.

For more information about how to choose a card see below the card.

You’re at a crossroad, or will soon be. It’s time to make a choice.

You may be unsure of which way to go or you may be intent on going a particular way. Consider each choice carefully before making a decision. Each one may look as good as the next or one may stand out for you. Stop and check in with yourself prior to making a decision. Imagine the outcome with each decision and tap into your feelings in your heart with each. Where there is warm, content or happy feelings in your heart, go with that. Even if it doesn’t seem like the logical choice, trust in your heart and take a chance. It’s always up to you which way you choose to go and you can always make another choice when you need to, if things don’t turn out as expected.
Breathe in the colour yellow and call upon the Goddess Hecate to assist you in your decision making! When thinking about your decisions, hold an Amethyst in your hand, or have it close by, to support you throughout the decision-making process

How to use

Ask as many questions as you need. Think of a question in your head, say it out loud or write it down before choosing a card from the deck below.

To shuffle the cards, click the small icon on the left above the cards.

When you’re ready to see your message, click on the link on the right (next to the shuffle icon) or click on the card. To view the card’s written message, click on the card again. Repeat the process to pick another card. Enjoy!

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