Wild Earth Oracle

Wild Earth Oracle

Welcome to my very own Wild Earth Oracle. 

All 53 cards celebrate views of our wild beautiful earth with themed inspirational messages. Every card is positive, uplifting and supportive.

Shuffle and pick a card below.  Refer below the card for instructions to choose a card and for more information about the cards.

You are part of the symmetry of life and your particular gifts and talents are needed on earth. Be yourself and share who you are with the world!

Notice how the leaves of the plant on this card flows in perfect symmetry to make up a beautiful whole circle. Life flows like this too, everything on earth is needed and flows into each other; mini eco-systems flowing into each other, forming a complete whole planet.
Every part of this plant is vital and without one part, it impacts the whole plant and it loses it’s perfect whole. For example: if one part of this perfect plant were to be broken off or when we cut down a section of bush land, fill in a swamp, kill the bugs or an animal becomes extinct, we lose a part of the whole and it affects the rest of that ecosystem. In time it learns to adapt, however things are never the same. You are an important part of the symmetry of this world; the world needs your particular gifts and talents whatever they may be. You impact on the world, just as the world impacts on you. It’s all a perfect flow of symmetry that goes on behind the scenes.
We’re often not aware of the impact we have on the world until much later. I remember years later after leaving jobs, hearing people say, “Oh you’re Mary, I’ve seen your name in therapeutic group manuals” or a young girl who participated in a therapeutic group telling me a few years later how much she’d achieved since attending a group I was one of the facilitators for. Step into who you are and be aware of the symmetry of the world all around you and within you.
To connect with the flow of symmetry, breath in the colour Green and call upon Archangel Michael. Wear Aqua jewellery or place a piece under your pillow for the next few days to assist your connection to who you are and in connecting to the flow of symmetry.

To shuffle the cards, click the small icon on the left above the cards.

Think of a question in your head, say it out loud or write it down. Ask as many questions as you need from the Wild Earth Oracle. 

To see your card, click on the icon next to the shuffle icon or click on the card.

To view the card’s written message, click on the card again. Repeat the process to pick another card.

The Wild Earth Oracle themed messages are related to every day life and feature seasons, animals, insects, flowers, trees, universal  and nature elements, healing  and support. Each one finishes with a quick invocation to provide universal support in this area, including the appropriate Chakra colour, crystal advice and the Archangel, Angel, Goddess or God who can support you. The cards are non denominational and accepting of all faiths and beliefs.

Thank you for using the Wild Earth Oracle.