New Year Oracle Reading

New year oracle reading blog for January inspires you to conduct your own yearly oracle reading at the start of a new year. Tips and information about how to do your own reading easily and quickly with your own oracle cards.

Pauses in life blog

Pauses in Life blog

Pauses in Life Blog talks about learning to accept the gift of the pauses in life when they strike. The quote above sums it up beautifully. Read on about how pauses can be a gift in your life and trusting in the universe when life throws you a curve ball, Read more…

Christmas 2018 blog

Christmas 2018 blog

Introduction to Christmas 2018 blog In this Christmas 2018 blog I discuss my journey in December, including how I’ve been procrastinating big time and feeling so uninspired for Christmas but still so inspired in my role as an oracle reader. I talk about the simple every day things that inspire Read more…

Time to promote blog

Time to Promote Blog

Welcome to my Time to Promote blog I’m working on promotional material now and will promote very soon. In this month’s time to promote blog I wanted to bare my own journey towards the right time for me to promote! my business, in the hope that it will inspire and Read more…