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Hello! My name is Mary-Ida and I’m the founder and oracle reader for Believe in your Dreams Oracle. This page is about Oracle Reader.

I am passionate about offering oracle readings at reasonable prices

My Name is Mary and I’m the founder and Oracle Reader at Believe in your Dreams Oracle.

I’m passionate about all people having access to good quality personalised Oracle reading services at a reasonable price! I offer free and paid oracle and tarot readings at the markets, at the Bookshop and Emporium at 93 Redcliffe parade, Redcliffe, or on my website and Facebook page.  You can order an email or live 30 or 60 minute oracle reading using my secure checkout here

Experienced reader for over 28 years and educated

I’ve been reading oracles for over 28 years and am also a counsellor at an organisation that assists children and young people. I have degrees in Psychology and Counselling, Certificates in Training and Assessment, Reiki, Oracle reading, Tarot reading, as well as being a certified Fairyiologist! Keep reading for more information about oracle reader.

My experience and background with oracles and energies

I love oracles and I’ve been reading them since I was 17 so it’s a process that comes naturally but one I’ve also refined over the years. I’m very kinaesthetic so I need to actually do things to learn them and I pick up on emotions and thoughts around me, as well as energies and atmospheres.  I also get random premonitions in every day life and in my dreams, as well as have instant thoughts of knowing things like of changes happening at that moment. 

I have seen fairies and angels around people and can pick up on when people have negative feelings towards me or who love me. I grew up in the country on a farm 10 minute drive from a small country town. We had clean air, picked our own produce from the garden and had nature, animals and old trees all around us.   We didn’t have much money but we had all our basic needs met, so with this base I’ve always been really humble, grateful and quite clear in what I know to be true; I see beyond ego bullshit and can clearly see the down to earth truth of matters on many levels.

Reading daily and collecting oracles

I’m an avid oracle reader who reads the oracles at least daily and I just love collecting oracles. My selection of oracles to choose from for a personalised oracle reading includes around 60 oracles. I have Tarot, angel, fairy, mermaid, Goddess, Nature, Mythical creatures, Affirmation, Chakra, Runes, Healing, Magical, Animal and many more. View my selection of oracles here

My free online oracle readings

I offer FREE online readings on my website and social media pages including my very own Wild Earth Oracle and Runes. Wild Earth Oracle offers 1 card readings to answer as many questions as you need here. If you’d like a past, present and future reading the Runes can provide FREE guidance to answer your questions here

My free oracle reader blog with tips and guidance about reading oracles

I have an oracle reader blog that offers tips and guidance about oracles and how to read oracles for yourself. I offer information about which cards to use for which question and discuss the best oracle spreads to suit you question to get the answers you need here

Information about my professional ethics and privacy statement

I include more information about my professional ethics as an oracle reader and how I read the oracles here

You can read my privacy statement and what I do with any information you share when you contact me or order a reading. Please know that I take your privacy very seriously. Read more here

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions

You’re welcome to contact me to ask any question related to oracles via my contact page here

You’re welcome to make a suggestion or offer feedback

If you would like to see a particular oracle deck or oracle or tarot spread on this website, or for any other suggestions or feedback, go here

Or feel free to email me at

Thanks and look forward to reading the oracles for you

Thanks for stopping by and for supporting Believe in your Dreams Oracle.

Blessings and Love to you.

Mary-Ida xx     

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