Welcome to about Believe in your Dreams Oracle. 

I’m so excited to share my love of using oracles in my daily life with you! Oracles originate in Greek culture and mean ‘prophecy’. They have been used for a very long time to seek counsel from the universe to answer questions and to guide a person on their own journey towards finding themselves or their purpose in life. 

I’ve been using oracles to seek guidance and inspiration for myself and others for over 28 years and believe in your dreams oracle was created out of my daily love of using oracles. I wanted to share my love of oracles with the world and to help shed the negative myths about oracle and Tarot cards that are still held by many people.

Personalised oracle readings to inspire and inform

Oracles can be used for so many reasons and can offer guidance and information when you need it most. Believe in your Dreams oracle is here to make oracle reading a positive experience that is inspiring and informative and something that anyone could learn how to do and utilise in their daily lives.

Believe in your Dreams Oracle offers personalised oracle readings at a reasonable price to inspire and inform you! My oracle reading range features a variety of email or phone/Skype readings to suit your budget or particular needs here

Choose an oracle for a personalised reading

I own an extensive collection of oracles.  Its FREE to choose one to match your email or phone/Skype oracle reading purchase.  My oracle gallery features my oracles in categories, including: angel, affirmation, relationship, tarot, mythical creature, nature and animal, universal wisdom, crystal, chakra, Goddess, magical and many other types. Or you can ask me to pick on at random. You can view my selection of oracles here

Be inspired by my free oracle reader’s blog

My Free oracle reading blog provides insight, guidance and information about how to use oracles in your everyday life and what you can gain from reading your own oracles or having someone else read oracles for you. My blog has a variety of topics discussed including why use oracles, coffee and card musings, oracle readings at the markets, accepting pauses in life and relationship and love oracle readings. You can read my blog posts here

Have a free reading with my own unique oracle deck

Believe in your dreams oracle has it’s very own unique oracle deck that you can choose a FREE Oracle card from. I created this deck with the intention for people to connect more to the beautiful precious wild earth and in doing this connect with their own unique wild natures. Each card features a theme from daily life and a matching photo from our wild earth. The Angel, Archangel or Goddess who can support them in this area is also shared, along with a simple colour and crystal meditation related to the theme.

Choose your own Wild Earth Oracle card here to answer as many questions as you want.

Free past, present and future oracle reading with the Runes

I also have a Free Rune Past, Present and Future Oracle reading to answer your most pressing questions. Runes are an alphabet on stones or wood from an ancient language and each letter has a different meaning. All readings come with detailed meanings from your letters chosen related to your past, present and future. Choose your free Runes here

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