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Welcome to Believe in your Dreams Oracle. My name is Mary-Ida and I’m your oracle reader. 

Oracle Reader

I’m really passionate about all people having access to good quality personalised Oracle reading services at a reasonable price!

I’ve been reading oracles for over 27 years and am also a counsellor at an organisation that assists children and young people. I have degrees in Psychology and Counselling, Certificates in Training and Assessment, Reiki, Oracle reading, as well as being a certified fairyiologist!

Everyday, I read oracles to provide accurate guidance and insight for myself and others. They provide an objective view point of the energies surrounding a person and their lives that can offer insight into where you’re headed at the time of the oracle reading. The thing to remember is that is that if you don’t like where your headed you have the free will to make different choices within your life.

I believe with all my heart that part of my life purpose is to assist people like you to believe in themselves and their dreams, as well as to assist you to take steps to achieve your dreams!

Within my daily life and oracle card reading practice, I utilise many different mediums, including oracle card readings and insights, identifying and strengthening resilience and strengths, breathing and grounding techniques, reframing techniques, meditations, chakra meditation, journal writing, using crystals, writing and affirmations, creating vision boards, use of symbols and oracles for meditation, calling apon angels and goddess for protection and assistance, creating sacred spaces and links to useful books and articles.

I’m enchanted by oracles and using them in my everyday life. I discuss this more in my free oracle reader blog here Oracle Blog 

So excited to read the Oracles for you and I have a wide variety of oracle readings to choose from here Oracle Readings 

You can select an oracle for a more personalised reading here Oracle Selection 

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Lots of love and blessings your way.

Mary-Ida xx

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