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Welcome to Believe in your Dreams Oracle.

My name is Mary-Ida.  I’m the founder and oracle reader. 🙂

I have an extensive collection of oracles and experience in reading many different kinds of oracles for myself and other people that spans over 25 years.

I have degrees in Psychology and Counselling, certificates in Training and Assessment,  Reiki Level 1, the Ros Oracle Academy Foundation course and in Fairyology.  I also work part time at yourtown as a counsellor for children and young people.  I value client centered approaches that respect and value all people and all spiritual and all religious beliefs, hence the personalised oracle readings on this website.  My counselling and oracle reading practices are underpinned by a strong foundation of ethics and professional boundaries, including privacy and confidentiality, as noted on my privacy page and in my blog post here Latest Blog Post

I’ve always had an interest in oracles and tarot cards, as well as a wide interest in spirituality.  I love using crystals, aromatherapy, incense, affirmations, vision boards, creative visualisations, guided meditations and I believe in the law of one, angels, fairies and karma. I’ve collected a variety of books in the spiritual/self help area and have many authors that I’ve been influenced by, including: Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dwyer, Lucy Cavendish, Alana Fairchild, Denise Linn and Scott Alexander King.

I’ve shared my passion for spirituality with my family and my adult daughter has many of her own crystals, oracle decks and dream catchers that she’s collected. I live and breathe my spiritual beliefs and everything shared about oracles on my website and social media pages;  it’s a vital part of my lifestyle and who I am as a person. I’m also regularly purchasing new oracles to add to my collection, so I can meet many different people’s particular oracle needs.  View my extensive selection of oracles here Oracle Range

I’m passionate about all people having access to good quality Oracle reading services at a reasonable price and that’s why I created this website and oracle reading service. When I first started to read for others a trail of positive feedback was given to me. When people started asking me for paid readings, that’s when I realised I was ready to promote my services.  I could see very early on in my career as an oracle reader, that I have a gift for seeing the truth of matters people ask about as well as being able to connect with people’s aspirations and hopes.  I can usually see outcomes quite clearly when I read the cards. I also communicate easily and effortlessly with so many different people in a positive and inspiring way from my experience as a counsellor, group therapist and previous roles in management. The fact that I read oracles almost daily and have so many oracle cards that I’ve collected over the years makes doing paid readings such a natural thing for me.

Being able to read the oracles for other people means alot to me and I see it as a blessing.  I would be honored to read an oracle for you and please know that I take great care with each reading I do and give them alot of time and pay attention to detail.  All messages are channeled through the universe, through the highest love and are provided with the greatest care and genuineness. You can view my range of oracle readings range here Oracle Reading Shop

Oracles provide an objective view point of the energies surrounding a person like you and your life in relation to the question or theme asked about; the Oracles can provide insight and information regarding where you’re headed at the time of the reading. The thing to remember is that is that if you don’t like where your headed you have the free will to make different choices within your life.

I believe with all my heart that part of my life purpose is to share my truth ad my spirituality, as well as to support people to see the truths for their lives, to inspire them to believe in their dreams and to to share their own wonderful gifts to the world!  I would love to do an Oracle Reading for you to inspire and inform you within your life.

For more information about using oracles in everyday life you can read my latest FREE blog here Latest Blog Post

You can provide feedback or pass on any suggestions of any oracle cards or specific readings you would like to see on the website here  Suggestions

Any questions or queries?  I would love to hear from you!  Contact me here Contact Us

Thank you for visiting my website. Lots of love and blessings your way.


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