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Welcome to Believe in your Dreams Oracle. My name is Mary-Ida and I’m your oracle reader today.

I’m passionate about all people having access to good quality Oracle reading services at a reasonable price! You can order a reading here Oracle Reading Shop

I have been reading oracles for over 25 years and I’m a certified fairyoligist!

I love using oracles to provide accurate guidance and insight for myself and others.There are many different types of oracles and I have a wide selection to choose from to make your reading unique for you. View my range of oracles here Oracle Range

Oracles provide an objective view point of the energies surrounding a person and their lives; they can provide insight and information regarding where they’re headed at the time of the oracle reading.

The thing to remember is that is that if you don’t like where your headed you have the free will to make different choices within your life.

I believe with all my heart that part of my life purpose is to assist people to believe in and take steps to achieve their dreams!  I would love to do an Oracle Reading for you to inspire and inform. To learn more about me check out my bio here https://about.me/believeinyourdreamsoracle

Have a look around my oracle reading shop and  have a read of my latest blog about using oracles in your everyday life. You can also follow me on Facebook for free weekly 1 oracle readings, inspiration and everything oracles here https://www.facebook.com/BelieveinyourDreamsOracle/

If you have any suggestions of oracle cards or specific readings you would like to see on here, please contact me here  Suggestions

Any questions or queries?  Feel free to contact me any time and I’ll respond at my earliest convenience Contact Us

Lots of love and blessings your way.


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