Introduction to relationship and love Oracle readings

Welcome to my relationships and love oracle readings blog! I’m getting married later this month, so I thought I’d focus on relationship and love oracle readings for this blog. I share with you my love of these readings, my favourite decks for particular spreads and the types of relationship questions you can ask the oracles. I also discuss the best oracles to use for gaining quick answers to your relationship questions. I finish off by sharing my own experiences using oracle cards for romance related questions up to meeting my fiancé. I hope this blog inspires you to use your own oracles to ask questions about your relationships and gain the guidance you need in this relationship and love oracle readings blog.

My favourite Oracle readings

Relationship and love oracle readings have always been my absolutely favourite readings to do and I get so excited when someone asks me to do one for them! Recently my daughter’s beautiful friends came over late at night and one of them was desperate for me to do an oracle for her after my daughter told her that I read oracles. I was very comfortable on the couch at the time watching Star Trek with my fiancé, but to be asked to read for someone is exciting, so how could I resist! It was wonderful to see young people so open to having their oracles read for them and being older teenagers, love and romance do usually feature prominently in their lives, so of course these types of themes showed up in her reading. Her friend wanted one too and again relationship themes showed up. It was wonderful to watch them confirm messages from the cards about their existing relationships and to open them up to the thought of bright new beginnings. Lovely to see the smiles on their faces after the reading when they walked out the door to go out partying for the night.

Romantic at heart

I’m such a big romantic at heart and I love seeing myself and other people finding love and happiness in their romantic, family and friend relationships. Watching people open themselves up to having wonderful relationships in their lives makes me feel super happy, especially when people stop settling for less than they deserve and relationships that undermine their beautiful selves or make them feel miserable. Many people don’t feel like they can get any better or they’re scared to be alone and I totally understand this feeling, as I also used to hate being on my own and had thoughts that maybe I didn’t deserve the amazing guy who I was really wanting in my life. However the main things that got me through the lonely seemingly endless nights was my friends, my daughter, my work, Oracle cards and my ongoing belief and faith in love and things working out for everyone. I don’t know why, maybe it’s from watching the Love Boat growing up where every romance and relationship has a happy ending or maybe it’s a feeling I’ve always had within me. Who knows, but it’s there and hope can be contagious. I love sharing this hope in oracle readings, especially in romantic readings. My secret pleasure! Read more about my favourite decks for relationship and love oracle readings.

Relationship and love Oracle readings deck selection

Due to my love of romance and relationships I have a selection of decks specifically for these readings. Of course you do, I hear you say lol! Plus, I have a specific relationship spread that I use for these types of oracle readings which I’ve found, from use over time, to be very accurate. I found a relationship spread in a box of cards called Animal Messages by Susie Green and I adapted the spread for my own relationship oracle readings. It’s such an easy one to use and understand that I’ve included in my own selection of email readings.

When I was dating, I used this spread all the time with the Romance Angels cards by Doreen Virtue. These are definitely my favourite oracle cards to use for these types of readings, however when I really want clear, no nonsense, give it to me straight readings, I use Poppy’s Love Tarot. This deck is great for questions about new romances where you’re still in that, ‘Does s/he like me?’, ‘Is this going to last?’, ‘Is s/he right for me?’, ‘What should I do?’, ‘How does he or she feel?’ I used to hate this stage the most, I’m such a control freak and the not knowing used to drive me crazy. These cards give it to you straight, so their not for the faint hearted, if you want softer sweeter guidance then the Romance Angel’s cards are more for you.

Poppy’s Love Tarot is also good for long term outlooks for relationships or if you’re unsure about who to choose if your dating a few people at the same time. Lucky you! Or for the people in a long term relationship like me, Belinda Grace’s True Love cards are perfect to use. I usually use the 3 card spread as they offer longer supportive messages and guidance about relationships and are good for existing relationships. These cards are also good for asking one question and gaining quick guidance about a relationship – even a new one.

Relationship oracles to answer 1 question

The best oracle I have for one Answer Questions about romance and relationships is the Love Answers book. I’ve found this book to be so direct and offer quick accurate messages for any type of question. It has the proviso that you add to the start of your question to get the most accurate guidance, ‘Can I be sure that…?’ or ‘Should I… (Should we…)?’ and you think of your question as you rub it’s soft cover. You then pick a page and there’s your answer. The great thing about using this book is that I’ve noticed that when I’ve asked the same question over and over, I’ve either picked the same page or pages with similar types of messages. It’s an amazing oracle to use and only takes a minute! The Lovers Oracle by Toni Carmine-Salerno is also a beautiful deck to ask 1 question about love and relationships. This one usually sits in my bedroom for daily guidance.

Oracles to answer any type of question about love and relationships

My other favourite oracle to use to ask any type of relationship or love question is the Art of Love Tarot by Denise Jarvie. The messages in this tarot focus on love and relationships so it can be used for asking questions or gaining general guidance about any type of relationship. You can use any type of spread with these cards too for guidance; they’re so versatile and offer such beautiful and uplifting messages. I tend to use this deck for questions concerning my relationship with myself in a Personal oracle spread. I find I gain so much from using this deck about myself and the different parts of myself-my heart, my head, my energy, my soul, my strengths, my lesson and what action I need to take next. Using this spread often relationship themes will show up and it’s a great insight into my own journey and relationship with myself.

My own journey using relationship oracles

Throughout my own life I’ve used oracles for guidance and insight into myself, my relationships, romances and whether I’ll find the love of my life. Ever since I was a little girl I had this feeling that there was a guy out there in the world who would be perfect for me and it’s been a deep yearning inside of me that’s always existed to be with this person. My journey with oracles and tarot cards, along with astrology, to gain guidance about when I would meet the love of my life started from when I was a teenager at school. It started with Tarot decks where I’d ask the deck questions about my love life, hoping to be told that I’d meet him soon.

As I got older and went to university, I thought I had met the love of my life and this person was at that time, so the questions stopped. After I nearly completed my first degree we broke up and then the questions started again using astrology. This became my passion and I researched it and read my daily horoscopes in hope that it would tell me when the true love of my life would turn up.

I moved up to Queensland in my early 20’s and my journey with oracle cards began and I was regularly reading the cards, asking questions about my love life and relationships and doing this for other people too. After my relationship with Termara’s dad ended and I was a single parent on my own, I was a prolific Oracle card user. I only had a few decks then and I’d sometimes ask the same question over and over, hoping for the messages I wanted to see. The first answer would always show itself to be the most accurate, much to my dismay at the time. I was also into reading the signs at that time, but due my obsession with a particular young man, my perception was clouded and I saw what I wanted to see in the signs. This was a big lesson for me with reading oracles; to always be aware of your how my own desires and wants can get in the way of seeing the truth in the messages offered by the oracles.

My first relationship oracle cards

My oracle collection grew as oracles became more popular and I found relationship oracles which was super exciting for me! With these oracles the guidance I gained was far more accurate as the oracles were specifically to answer relationship questions. I also became more aware of my own stuff and more aware of reading the direct guidance from the cards and my own intuition which also vastly imoroved my accuracy.

My true love showed up in oracle readings before I met him

I did a lot of readings with one of my best friends in my 30’s and she’d always give me the same guidance about my true love. The same messages that he was married came up in ongoing readings, then he was single for a time and then married again.

We saw my most recent partner, before Tim, in the oracle readings I did with my friend and in my own readings. We were happy for 3 years and then near the end of our relationship, the oracles provided guidance that we would break up. I remember that day clearly; I was sitting doing oracle readings in a Cafe with my mum and I had to hide my devastation from her and quickly closed up the reading. I didn’t want to worry her, but I knew in my heart that it would be so. A month or so later, out of the blue, he told me it was over. In my heart I still believed in true love and happily ever after but I was pretty shaken for year’s after this breakup.

Finally the oracles showed I would meet the love of my life

Before I met Tim, my friend and I were reading the cards once again, and we saw this beautiful new man who would come into my life. He was the same man who had showed up in the past readings and he was finally single. Yay!

When I met Tim I knew it was him; that he was the one we’d read about in previous readings and his story mirrored what we had read in the cards. Early in our relationship and the readings I did for myself about our relationship were all positive, these helped me to hang in there when I wasn’t sure. How much he liked me from the start freaked me out so much at first, but I gave him a chance and haven’t looked back since.

When we became a couple, the marriage cards showed up before he asked me to marry him; I secretly knew it was going to happen. The most amazing guidance I received during our relationship, which confirmed what I already knew in my heart, is that he is my true love; He’s definitely the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life. It’s a wonderful thing to have the cards confirm what we already know in our hearts and it helps us to trust ourselves more.

Romance and reading oracles are both long term loves

I love reading oracles and romance is a life long love for me. The two go together beautifully and oracles can offer such wonderful guidance and inspiration in our relationships, as well as accurate information when we need to hear it.

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