Oracles really are everywhere

September Blog – Oracles really are everywhere!

Oracles appear to us everyday in different forms. You don’t need to be a psychic medium or even have good intuition to see oracles in your everyday life, all you need to do is look up and take notice of them. In this blog I discuss everyday oracles that appear to us in cards and in nature. I introduce my own Oracle card set inspired by nature and offer tips on how to interpret oracles you see for yourself. I give examples of particular everyday oracles and invite you to discover oracles in nature yourself. 

Oracle messages from Oracle and tarot cards

I like to read oracle or tarot cards daily because they are clear, easy to ready and understand and they can provice guidance for my day or what’s coming up in my life. They’re also very direct usually, which means that I don’t have to overthink the messages or look up a meaning on google or ask for advice. I’ve found them a very accurate way of receiving, guidance, insight and inspiration. I can just look at the picture or read their message and there’s my oracle message. I love simple!

Oracles in nature and inspiration for my own Oracle deck

There are many other different types of oracles that can provide guidance during daily life also. Many of these appear in nature and this is the inspiration for my own unique oracle deck that I created over many years. The cards showcase many of the oracles that appear in nature. So many of the oracles in nature have their own special message when viewed, and I include their message in the written section of the oracle card readings. You just have to click on the picture and your oracle message will appear for you to read. You can take a screen shot of your message to take it with you for the day.

Examples of Oracles in nature

Nature oracles are all around us and can be many things. They could be the butterfly that flies

You are transforming in some way; Let the old fade away and step into the wonder of the new!

close by and offers a message of change coming your way or a dragonfly whizzing past you that asks you to tune into who you really are and to remove your masks. Or you could walk past a beautiful waterfall; a sign you’re in the flow of your divine purpose and of divine timing. I love the sunflowers who inspire you to smile and to notice the beauty in your life or the grasshopper who tells you to speak up and to sing your own tune. The lady bird is one of my favourites! She brings good fortune and the message to take up opportunities quickly as they show up in your life. Bees signify the need for balance when working hard and Birds can offer messages from our guardian Angel’s. Trees support us to shield and protect ourselves and stairs signify were moving onwards and upwards in our life.

Being present and open to noticing oracles

 So many beautiful oracles right there in front of you every day, ready to inspire and guide you in your life. All you need to do is be open and aware of the world around you. Remaining in the present to notice them and reflect on the message they they’re offering you.

Interpretating oracles and the worry about getting it wrong

Some people worry that they’ll interpret the message wrong. Please know that you can never

Nature offers you a gift of good fortune and serendipity when gentle lady bird shows up!

ever interpret an oracle wrongly, because interpretation is always a personal thing. The meaning of the oracle to you is the most important thing when receiving messages from oracles for your daily life. The only ‘wrong’ thing you could do is to question yourself, to not trust in your own interpretations at the time the Oracle shows itself to you, and instead take on what other people tell you what an it is, even when it doesn’t feel right for you. Oracle messages are always about tuning into what your interpretations of oracles are and about what it means to you at the time of viewing. It’s about trusting yourself!


Tips to interpreting oracles for yourself 

The key to interpreting oracles is to trust the first message that institaniously comes to you when you view the oracle. Trust that this is your message first and foremost. You can then read a guidebook and look up a symbol, the spiritual meaning of a colour or a particular animal, bird or insect on google for more information and add layers of information to your own interpretation. Scott Alexander King’s webite offers lots of easy to understand information about bird, animal and insect meanings.

You can do all your own research and read other people’s interpretations, however the most important factor is –  what ‘feels’ right to you in that very moment of viewing the oracle. So don’t take the guidebook as gospel or truth for the interpretation of the oracle for yourself in that moment. Oracles are always personal to the viewer and subjective at the time so trust what it means to you in that moment of noticing it. It’s always what feels right for you at the time.

A quick guide to know what the Oracle message is for you

A quick way of ‘knowing’ if it’s true and right for you is to check how you feel when you say

Dare to fly and be true to who you are, where ever you may find yourself!

what you think the message of the oracle is to yourself, even if you just say it in your head. If you feel happy or joyful, calm and at peace, then this is the message for you, however if you feel fearful, worried or anxious feelings then your trying to force an interpretation on yourself that isn’t quite right. Your message will feel calm and right, like an inner knowing and warmness deep inside. Where you start to feel uneasy, notice this and go through each message in your head until it feels warm, calm, joyful and right for you.


Be aware that oracle messages can challenge us

Remember too, that sometimes oracles can feel confronting for us. We may have an initial reaction, as sometimes we don’t want to know about a particular message for ourselves. For example, we may see a butterfly come our way and we instinctly know that big changes are coming into our life. This may scare us as we may like how our life is going and not want anything to change. So we avoid our first instinct and read the guidebook to find another possible message that feels less confronting for us. I think most of us have done this.

Positive oracles can also challenge us

Let things you no longer need in your life fall away like leaves from a tree. Create space for new beginnings and opportunities, while making time for rest and relaxation.

Oracles don’t always have to be negative to feel confronting, even positive ones can challenge

us and make us want to avoid the message or gloss over it. Such as when you’re worried about succeeding. Success could bring up worries of failing or having to sacrifice something you value, so you prefer to avoid it, even unconsciously. It’s important to notice or reactions to particular oracles, as this provides knowledge about ourselves, our hopes, our fears, our values and our challenges. Don’t every judge your reactions, instead use them to get to know yourself more and this will assist you to become more open to what the messages the oracles bring to you.


Recording your interpretations to gain trust in yourself 

This is why reflecting on what oracles appear, your reactions, feelings in relation to the message and repeated messages is important. You could do this in a little book each time you choose an oracle. Keep it brief, you don’t have to spend too much time on it – 5 minutes is enough to record a few words and sentences. Record the picture, message, your first thought when you see it and then your reaction to seeing it, words that stand out, images that appear in your mind, emotions that you feel and how you were feeling before and after the message appeared. Over time you will begin to see themes and gain insight into your own process when reading oracles. With practice and time you’ll learn to trust yourself, as you’ll begin to notice what feels right for you in the messages and how this feels each time.

Practice and reflection over time improves your skills

It took me time to trust myself and many years of practice. I used to question myself and ‘over

Your sight is clear and you can trust in what you see and sense.

read’ the oracles and ask for other’s people’s advice and interpretations for me, often these wouldn’t feel instinctively right for me. There’s been times I’ve doubted my natural reactions when I’ve chosen an oracle because it wasn’t what the guidebook said. Later on when reflecting on the oracle message and seeing what transpired later on in my life I’ve then realised my initial interpretation was correct. Trust yourself and your instincts!

It takes practice to trust your own instincts but with practice, patience, reflection, noting and recording you can start to know and trust your own interpretrations of the oracles. This is why when I read for people, I usually ask them before reading the oracles myself, what they notice in the spread for themselves. Then I read the oracles and pass on what I see, taking into account their own interpretations of the oracles like a guidebook. I take on what they see and I build on it to offer a personalised message for them, that makes sense to them.

Oracles can support you to tune into your authentic self

In this very moment you are blooming into your own magnificence!

I love working with oracles and they benefit my life in so many ways, as well as help me to trust in myself and become my authentic self.

If you would like to ask any questions about how to read your own oracles, you’re welcome to contact me here Contact Me 

If you would like to choose your own oracle card from my Wild Earth Oracle set, you can go here Wild Earth Oracle 

Always happy to assist and discuss oracles with you. Enjoy the process!


Love and Blessings to you.

Mary-Ida xx

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