Using Oracle cards daily.

Using oracle cards daily. 

Welcome to my July blog! This month I talk about using oracle cards daily and then I give tips on what to look for in an oracle reader. 

I use oracle cards every day. 

I use oracles on a daily basis and if you live around Redcliffe in Queensland then you could see me at a different cafe most days with a different oracle deck, sipping my coffee on my own!😁 I’m hoping to inspire you in your own Oracle journey today and thank you for reading.  ☺

My favourite time of day to choose an oracle card. 

My favourite time to choose an oracle card or look for an oracle in nature is in the morning or  the early afternoon (if I’ve been working a night shift). I head out to one of the many cafe’s in my local area,  or a new cafe, if we’re travelling, and sit in the sunshine or undercover when it’s raining. I relish the quiet time in reflection on my own  and take the time to read the cards and notice the oracles in nature.

I really like being on my own in crowds of people and noise or sometimes in the quiet, either is fine. Being on my own outside helps me focus and connect with my inner self, with nature and the wider universe to tune into the oracle messages for myself and others.

Choosing a daily card for my Facebook page. 

This is the time when I also choose a card for my Facebook posts and I usually take a picture for my posts on Instagram.

On Facebook I like to share the oracle cards and on Instagram I tend to share different types of posts, with my regular being nature oracle shots. Nature’s oracle is full of variety and different aspects of nature can offer a variety of oracle messages and signs such as: different types of flowers, rainbows, trees, birds and animals.

I also connect with faeries and angels, so include their insight into my readings as messages come up. 

Using oracle cards other times of the day. 

Other times of the day, I ask other questions and do other spreads. I use Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Answers deck a lot to provide quick answers to burning questions for myself and other people. These cards are also good for time frame questions, as well as for direct yes or no answers.

It’s really helpful to get that direct information from the angels. Sometimes though, it’s not so direct as there may be other factors involved and other possibilities, such as our own drive and motivation, but it’s helpful to know this in any case.

Choosing a daily oracle card for guidance about the coming day. 

At least once a day I chose an oracle card for guidance about the coming day and at other times, I choose cards to answer questions, gain insight into any issues, check in with myself about how I’m traveling, ask if I’m headed in the right direction regarding a particular dream or desire or insight into any perceived blocks or barriers.

I also ask about different choices I’m making or about relationships. There are so many different ways of using the cards and different spreads to offer information depending on your question and what you want to know.

Different questions can be answered by different oracle speads. 

On my website I have a few different spreads that I find offer very accurate readings.

The one card answer Oracle is perfect to answer specific questions and I have specific oracles to use for this one such as the IChing, Runes, Angel Answers and Book of Love Answers, time frame cards from Poppy’s oracles, to name a few. However, any oracle can be used for this one.

An example of the use of this one is my morning choosing of an oracle card with my coffee. My usual question for this daily ritual is, ‘What do the oracle cards want me to know today?’  I learnt this question when I did the Oracle Academy Foundations course, I’ve found it a really helpful question when using oracle cards and the cards really respond to it, giving really insightful and relevant information. 

Three card oracle spread. 

Another spread from my website that I use often is the 3 card: past, present and future oracle reading. This is another quick easy spread that I use on a regular basis to get quick insight into where a decision will lead me or of an outcome I’m wondering about, such as when I’ve gone for promotions at work or whether to make a purchase.

Usually when I have a few choices and are unsure what to do then I’ll do this spread and ask for information about each particular choice and see the possible outcome information of each decision.

Oracles to answer questions related to work. 

I’m very career orientated and when I have burning questions about work, I tend to go for Poppy’s work tarot. It’s very direct with written answers and offers different type of guidance depending on your question. It’s one of my favourite ones to use and it can also offer time-frame information for questions which is super helpful!

Oracles to answer relationship questions. 

When I have relationship questions, I have a variety of oracle decks to choose from. Questions concerning relationships are very popular and many people want to know about their relationships, especially the romantic ones. I read for many single people who are keen to know if they’ll meet someone special soon.

The cards are always very accurate and when I’ve seen in the cards someone from the past coming back or someone new, I usually hear back from them weeks or months later that it happened. My favourite decks to use for relationship readings are Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue and The Art of Love Tarot by Denise Jarvie.

Oracles perfect to use for 1 card relationships questions. 

For one card questions I really like to use the Love Oracle by Toni Carmine-Saleno. I love his illustrations and oracles, he’s an amazing soulful artist. 💕

Why use oracles for guidance? 

So why do I use oracles for guidance? Why don’t I just be like most other people and seek advice from an ‘expert’ in the field or from a professional or from my loved ones or just use my logic or intuition.

Well honestly I do use these too and advice from experts is vital for medical and other advice that I’m definitely no expert in! Consulting experts in their fields is so important however, what I’m after is objective information and advice from these people so I can make my own informed decision based on the information provided. 

Many people view the decision making process as the use of logic and facts to decide on a course of action or between choices, however I’ve found from experience that there are other factors involved in making decisions that are right for you. One of these is using your intuition or your heart. Many times I’ve noticed afterwards when I relied on pure facts and logic and didn’t follow my heart,  that my heart was in fact right at the time. I’ve found that decision making involves a balance of information, facts, logic, heart and feelings. Reading the oracles then gives me more information and the confirmation I’m looking for.

Many people seek guidance from experts before making decisions, I do this too as I’m not an expert in many things, however I am the expert about myself, about my body and my mind. So, I always add a pinch of salt when seeking advice from other people who are also only human beings.  The reason for this is I’ve found when I seek out ‘experts’ or other people for advice or guidance they often don’t give just that objectively. With human beings there’s a tendancy for the facts to be influenced by their own subjective experience, so along with the facts, other information is provided from the person that sometimes isn’t relevant for other people’s particular situation. This includes their own biases, preferences, assumptions, insecurities, judgments, past traumas and other things that influence or ‘colour’ the advice or guidance they give. For example, when I’ve been to see a few psychologists to talk through difficulties in workplaces and for support with making decisi0ns. I’m grilled about my life story before I can even talk about what I’m seeking support or advice about. The questions aren’t relevant for what I’m needing from the session and then when I do start talking, I’ve had people either talk over me or not listen at all to me or they start to talk about their own experiences or give me their expert opinion without all the information or they offer me unsolicited advice that I haven’t even asked them for.  I’ve also noticed they often have an emotional reaction and start telling me what to do. I’ve also had specialists and doctors make judgments and assumptions about me or tell me to do stuff without even listening to my experience or respecting me as the expert in my own body. The advice they gave me wasn’t relevant for my situation and so I’ve had to seek second opinions from people who do listen and offer objective information. I haven’t found them all like this, but it’s really unhelpful when I seek support or advice.

Sometimes I’ve seeked advice not realising that the particular people I was talking to was insanely jealous or threatened by me, which has swayed the information given to me and there was a time I got in to trouble for seeking advice about something. Most of the time, I know people are only trying to be helpful and I like to discuss different points of view certainly, as this can be helpful with making decisions too, however I really want to be respected and listened to as well as supported to gather all the relevant information so I can choose a course of action that feels right for me.

I’ve found over time that by consulting oracles I’m able to gain an objective point of view and accurate information from the pictures, symbols and messages. When I’ve seeked all the advice I need to make an informed decision I then usually consult the oracles. Sometimes I just make a decision without consulting the oracles, such as about medical advice, however where I’m unsure about something to do with relationships, work, personal stuff, choices about my direction in life or which purchase to make or other everyday choices  I tend to consult the oracles, either in the cards or nature or in the wider universe. I find they they’re a valuable source of guidance as they can also offer information about anything that I may have overlooked, can’t see due to my own subjective point of view or haven’t thought of in relation to the question asked. The cards simply offer information,  they’re not afraid to give me the truth and their message isn’t coloured by their own experiences, judgements, insecurities, assumptions or biases.  They provide a picture, symbol and a message that I can gain direct and accurate insight and guidance from. I tend to trust the first message the cards offer me and see the information as it comes out directly, rather than read into it too much. Because being human myself, I’m also self aware from a lot of practice of how my own assumptions, biases, judgements and preferences can influence how I perceive information provided.  

For this very reason, as an oracle reader we’re often advised not to do our own readings for ourselves and to seek another oracle reader. However, while this is great in theory, again it’s a hit and miss thing.  There are some good ones who’ll provide you with the direct information they see in the cards and they’re self-aware enough to avoid their own biases etc coming into the message. However, I’ve found that some aren’t self-aware and they do let their own biases, assumptions, insecurities, judgments, preferences or yearnings influence the information offered. We’re all human and I accept that no one’s perfect however, it’s good to be aware of how these can influence a reading and to be mindful of it when having an oracle reading paid or for fun.

From practice and experience, I have a radar for this type of thing now and can always tell when this happens.  It usually begins with an emotional response or the reader talking about their own experiences and stories that relate to your reading or they’ll add in their own little bit of unwarranted advice from their own experiences. A few times I’ve had male oracle readers tell me not to date the guy I’ve asked about and then give me their number for a date or coffee catch up. I find all of this really unprofessional, yet I do understand that we’re all only human and we’re all learning and growing in our own way. I realise that I’m not perfect either however, I do learn from my mistakes and try my very best, which is important in any profession (and I’ll never ask you on a coffee date unless you’re my friend lol! ). It’s important to be self reflective after giving someone else a reading and reflect on how it went and learn from your experiences.

This is the thing about being a professional oracle reader, it’s vital to be self-aware when I do my own readings and readings for other people. To know myself and to be aware of when my  own ‘stuff’ comes up and to be able to put it aside, so I can offer accurate information relevant for the person who’s paying me for the reading. Part of doing this is listening to the person’s needs and to be wary of not allowing what I think the person needs to know colour the reading. If a person asks me a question then I focus on that, I don’t go on my own tangent unless something comes up in my mind that I think is relevant for the person’s question. It’s also about how I give the message to the person, being mindful of how you give the information in the cards, you don’t want to scare people, but you do want to give accurate information. It’s about sensitivity and ethics and about being mindful.

Sometimes too the oracles can give me information that I can’t see due to my own yearnings, biases, preferences, judgements or assumptions and I heed it. I used to do readings repeatedly til I’d get the message I wanted to see. But eventually I’d see that the cards that came out at the start were spot on. I’m only human too and I have my own assumptions etc, but I am also self-aware. I’m able to notice when these come up, be aware of them and think to myself, ‘This is my stuff, let’s focus on the message for the person in front of me’ and I do that. When you come for a reading with me, your my focus.

I think that’s why I tend to do my own readings for myself usually, because I trust and know myself. I do occasionally get oracle readings from other people, usually from my friends that I trust. This is an important point, getting advice and guidance from trusted sources. A good guide can be word of mouth or reputation however, this isn’t always useful as not every reader who’s considered awesome will suit you. It can take time to find the right oracle reader for you and shopping around for the right fit is worth it.

Important considerations when looking for an oracle reader are:

  • They have clear and easy to understand information about what they do and what services they offer.
  • They provide information about any training or qualifications completed and their experience in the area. 
  • Be aware of how comfortable you feel with them-trust that first feeling or ‘vibe’ you get when you meet someone. 
  • Their openness to asking you about your needs and questions
  • They listen to you and offer you answers to what you ask, they don’t go too far off track onto their own tangent.
  • They focus on your needs.
  • They let you touch, shuffle and draw the cards
  • They invite and allow space for you to ask questions
  • They don’t talk over you or talk too much during the reading
  • They remain focused on the messages for you on the cards and they explain things to you in a way that you can understand.
  • They check on your understanding of the information offered and explain something if you don’t get it
  • They offer information and options for you to consider, rather than advice about what you should do.
  • They are respectful and open to all people.

I get so much from reading oracles for myself and other people on a daily basis. It’s also helped me to develop trust in myself and self-knowledge. I find the more I read them the more I gain and the better reader I become. It’s certainly an art and a profession which I love and am passionate about. I learn more every day about myself and about the world. Reading oracles is something that every one can do and it’s easy to add into your daily life for guidance and insight. If you would like to know more about spreads you can ask for particular questions or how to phrase questions, feel free to PM and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Thanks for reading this month’s blog and I hope it’s been helpful for you in your life journey.
Love and Blessings.
Believe in your Dreams Oracle

Card credit: Romance Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue –

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