Oracle Blog – It’s time to promote!

It’s time to promote! I’m working on promotional material now and will promote very soon. In this month’s Oracle blog I wanted to bare my own journey in the hope that it will inspire other people going through similar processes or contemplating setting up a business out of their passion.

I love doing oracle readings and offering the world information about oracles. It’s great to get them out there and normalise their use in daily life, like books and coffee, my other two favorites!😉 I’ve got to the stage where it’s time to promote what I do and get it out there on a bigger scale. I have a little problem with putting myself out there. I’m scared! It’s due to a few things, including: childhood trauma, private introverted person, fear of criticism which includes my own perfectionism and fear of success! 😕

One thing that scares me the most is criticism and being demonised. It’s ironic how something like oracle cards that can offer such positive inspiration, support and guidance can be so feared and associated with demons. This mainly comes from fears and myths about tarot cards and oracles in the past. It didn’t help either when an ex prominent oracle reader publicly stated that she was influenced by demons when she created her past oracle decks (which she still makes money from, mind you).

It reminds me of the story about the beautiful Opal crystal mined in outback Australia, which became demonised years ago. Such a gorgeous colourful stone that’s deep in the ground. It’s neutral; it’s neither good nor bad or magical. In 1829 it featured in Sir Walter Scott’s fiction novel of Anne of Geuerstein – Lady Hermione. She was falsely accused as a demoness and dies shortly after a drop of holy water falls on her opal and destroys it’s colour. The public apparently took this as warning of the bad luck opals can bring, so they stopped buying opals in real life. Within months of the novel being published the opal market crashed and prices were down 50%. 1.

This was a fictional story from someone’s head, but that’s how quickly something or someone’s reputation can become demonised and destroyed on a mass level. This type of incident actually happened to me when I was in primary school in grade 2. Almost overnight I went from nearly my whole  grade coming to my birthday party to having only 1 or 2 boys who would be my friends. Someone heard a negative story about me and almost overnight my reputation was ruined in the school and then in the wider small town community. I was 7 at the time, it really was a disgrace how I was treated and vilified by adults and other children. I’d prefer not to go into details about what was said, but due to negative things said about me, I was portrayed negatively and even my name was ridiculed. It was a very dark lonely time for me and had stayed with me. 

This story about me lasted for many years afterwards. I was able to escape it by moving to a new town and new school the following year, but the torment didn’t stop there. When we had inter-school sports at other schools in the town I grew up in, people who used to know me would come and say mean things about me and make sarcastic comments about my name, plus they’d try to turn my current friends against me. I felt like a dark shadow followed me around.

It wasn’t until my early adult years, when I’d moved back home after finishing my first university degree. I had a job in the local post office and club. A few people would give me a nasty stare and not talk to me still, but the name calling had stopped. Some people even made the effort to get to know me after a while and we became acquaintances. It no longer bothered me so much though, I had good friends and supportive family around me, confidence in myself and the old story that people held on to didn’t matter anymore. I felt I had come to terms with it and moved on in my life.

I relate to the opal, to tarot and oracle cards, to Mary Magdalene, to fairies, mermaids, goddesses, Paganism and other things that have been demonised and cast out of normal everyday society; not deemed to be good or acceptable. I’m a strong advocate for the rights of the cast out, the small, the vulnerable and the oppressed. It doesn’t mean that I accept abusive or bad behaviour or things, quite the opposite. I value kindess, consideration, treating others with respect and dignity, as well as showing compassion for the world and others. I also value looking below the surface of what presents on the outside. For example, Opals have a reputation as bad luck, I did my research to make my own decision and based on the facts and my own intuition, I then formed my own opinion based on that, same with all of the above.

It’s the same with oracle and tarot cards. They’re just cards with pictures and messages from different authors. If you don’t like a card in the deck, such as the death card in the old tarot deck, then remove it or choose a deck with messages that are more positive and aligned with you. I love how the death card in new tarot sets have been changed to Transformation or Release, such a positive way to portray such a normal part of human life.

This is the great thing about oracle cards, all the cards are usually portrayed in a positive and uplifting manner and are an amazing way to gain insight, guidance and inspiration on your life and path.

Oracles are everywhere, you just need to tune in and be open to messages and insights. If you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to notice, then ask the universe for repeated signs and notice what comes in 3’s.

Your own fears and past experiences can make you doubt yourself and signs, just as this has been happening for me in relation to my fears about promoting my online business. But, bit by bit, day by day, persevering, developing confidence in yourself and the universe, taking your time to work through your own fears that come up, as well as giving yourself a break from it when you need to, will assist you to trust in yourself, your journey, the signs and the universe more.

This is what I do and it feels right for me. Day by day, I work towards promoting oracles because it’s part of who I am and I love doing it. I also get constant nagging thoughts and signs that it’s important to do it, so I’ve been listening and keep going, even when it’s hard to trust and have faith.

One day you will see my promotion of my business and my own oracle cards, in due time. I fear success and I couldn’t think of anything worse than being famous, but reading oracles and sharing these is so important that whatever comes up, I’ll deal with it. I have the faeries and lots of angels by my side and I trust them to help me through anything! 😊

Thanks for reading about my journey and I hope it’s been inspiring for you on your own journey. Your welcome to contact me to talk about your own story or to ask questions about anything to do with oracles or tarot cards.

Have a beautiful rest of June.

Love and blessings.

Mary-Ida 💖😘


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