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Credit: The Universe has your Back Oracle by Gabriel Bernstein.

I love oracles and I use them in my daily life. My favorite time of the day is my morning coffee and oracle cards musings in a coffee shop where ever I am on that day. Most days it’s my local but when I travel it could be anywhere!

I have a large collection of different types including: runes, pendulum, tarot, angel, fairy, animal, mermaid, I Ching, Book of Love answers, Fantasy Futures, mythical creatures, affirmations, blessings, Fairytale and many more. I love having variety in my life and I pick an oracle to read based on a lot of different reasons day to day.

For my daily coffee, I choose an oracle deck at random or I choose one that I’m drawn to on the day. Today I was drawn to the Universe has your Back deck.

When I am doing a particular reading, I’ll choose one that is most appropriate for that reading or to answer my particular question. Such as I often pick one of my tarot decks for the Celtic Cross reading or an angel deck for a Personal reading.

My love of oracles began at high school with my friends. I remember that my a few of my friends and I were interested in tarot, crystals, astrology and fortune telling. I have a distinct memory of one of my friends bringing in an astrology kit to school and I ended up taking it home and working out how to use it to easily. I ended up being the one to chart and read out my friends about their sun signs, moon signs etc. From there my interest peaked; I realised that I had a gift for being able to easily work out how to use and read other people’s signs and futures. I ended up getting my own Mythic Tarot deck to read for myself and I still have a copy of the same deck, not the same copy I first got though, this got lost in my travels as I used to move around a lot. I don’t use it alot but I still love that particular deck. 

My greatest inspirations for learning how to use oracle cards for myself and others, as well as moving my life in more positive direction are Wayne Dwyer, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue. The first two helped me get my life moving forward in a way I wanted it to, and the latter supported my interest in oracle cards. They all have amazing talents and have contributed so much good in the world.

I was extremely sad when Doreen Virtue renounced all her oracle teachings, stopped teaching about so many different guides and teachers and told everyone to throw out their oracle cards. This devastated me but through this, I ended up discovering Ros Place and her Oracle card Academy and have found someone who lives and breaths her mission and loves oracle cards too. As one door closes another one opens, so I wish Doreen all the best in her new mission, however I want her to know she’s very missed by me.

Coffee and cards is my regular card reading time. Each morning I get out in the sunshine at my local coffee shop and take an oracle deck with me to choose with my morning coffee. I always begin a reading as discussed in my blog-professional ethics of an oracle reader and I ask the oracle deck, what it wants me to know today and sometimes call on a particular angel or fairy guide. I take note of and meditate on the message for the day. Sometimes the message makes perfect sense, sometimes it’s a surprise and sometimes I don’t want to know, at times It can be indifferent too.  I often think back on my card during the day and say to myself, “Wow, that card was so right!”

I’ve noticed over time that when I pick a card or cards randomly with my coffee, I always pick the card that provide the needed guidance at the time. Sometimes I’ve picked cards where the guidance is unexpected or what I don’t want to hear-sometimes confronting me with information to prepare me for something that’s going to happen in the near future.

There’s a card named “A twist in the tale” from Lucy Cavendish’s Shapeshifters deck and I know when that card turns up something big is going to happen in my life and that may not necessarily be what I wanted. I usually see the card, heed the message and then it goes out of my mind. It’s not til the event happens that I realise, “Oh, that’s what the card was telling me!” There’s usually other cards that come up to such as acceptance and other cards that point towards the upcoming incident. This happened before a recent car accident, sometimes the universe just knows. 

There’s been so many times when I’ve felt something coming or something feels right for me-such as break ups, new friendships, new partners, accidents, new jobs, job promotions. So many times the cards I draw during my morning coffee or in longer general readings confirm what I’m already intiuitively picking up on. A wonderful example is of recently getting engaged and it being a surprise, but then not really as well, it showed up in the cards for a while before.  Often when things like this show up in the cards, we may not clearly see it as we’re focused on other meanings or outcomes at the times and then when it happens, it clicks for us and makes sense in hindsite. That’s why it’s so important to heed the message and let go of our logical reasoning or assumptions of what it could be.

Sometimes we want something so much, Ive noticed we’ll choose a card or do a spread and say to ourselves, yes it’s that. It’s that job or that person, but it may not turn out that way and it may be something else, that’s better for us in the long run. We can have an inkling and make a probable assessment, but it’s so important to then let it go and allow it to show up in our life and be open to all possibilities.  Remember the universe works in mysterious ways and really has our back in the long run just like the card I picked today. 😊

At times, I will have coffee with other people, like my partner and they pick a card too. Often my fiancé will relate to the card and have tears in his eyes, but sometimes he wont be able to relate to it at all. I’ve had people screw up their nose at me when I ask them to pick a card with me, that’s okay, not everyone is into oracle cards. Sometimes people will walk past and show an interest and want to pick a card or ask me if I do readings and this really excites me. I love sharing oracle cards with other people and definity let them choose a card and read the message from the book or give them a message from the card.

Some oracle readers advise not to share your cards, I don’t go along with this as I feel that’s important to share with other people and to get them out in the world to normalise them more. It also builds people’s comfort with using them in a safe way, as well as challenging some of the myths and misconceptions out in the world about oracle cards. For many people there’s still fear and worry about oracle cards and I think it’s great to get them out there in the community in a safe way, so people can learn more about them and understand that they’re not evil or from the devil; that they’re a great way of people receiving accurate guidance and support in their lives in a safe way.

In saying that, I do believe that it’s important to clear your cards regularly of other people’s and your own energy, so the energy of the cards remain clear. There are various ways to do this and I usually use crystals, calling on Archangel Michael or Zadkiel to clear the cards, as well as use of my symbol from Ros Oracle Card Academy courses. This is in my professional ethics blog too. How do you know if your cards are clogged up with energy? A quick way is notice how you feel when you pick up the cards. If you feel tired, lethargic, heavy in any way, then it’s best to cleanse them and this can be done quickly and easily. Over time it will become second nature and you’ll just do it before and after each reading naturally.

Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you gained something from it. If you’d like to share with me your experiences of choosing oracle cards with your own coffee or other times, feel free to drop me  line share your experience here or on facebook. Look out for my free oracle readings with my very own oracle cards on my website coming soon… All well be revealed on Facebook! 😉

Have a lovely day and look forward to sharing with you again in April!

Blessings to you.


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