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‘Don’t try to force anything, Let life be a big let go.’

Affirmation card from: Shine Bright Manifesting Cards, 2018, Marianne Vicelich, New South Books.

January was a frustrating month for my oracle reading business. My website was down for most of the month while I tried to work out what the problem was myself, with no support from my website hosting service. I ended up having to re-do my entire website once I could actually see it again! Very time consuming month filled with annoying pauses! 

I wont go into the long boring story of my website going down but surfice to say it has been a time that has made me rest and also realise how important my oracle card reading business is to me. I value being able to offer readings to the general public. 

All month I was aching to get back into my website and for some of that time I was taking a long over due leave from my counselling job.  I was looking forward to having the time to spend on my business. It was so frustrating that all I could do was work out how to get it back up during that time.  I begged my guardian angels and fairies to help get it back up again, but this time, nothing made a difference. I was being forced to take a rest. Ouch! 

After a day or 2 of my holidays trying to get it back online, I realised that the lesson for me was to take a holiday from both my counselling job and from my business. I ended up having to take a break from both of them because I had no choice. There was only a certain amount I could do to get my website back up as it was in the hands of my website host service. 

So then I took a real break of rest. I went for walks, had coffee at local cafes, watched TV, spent time with my partner, read books, had spas and swims, naps, meals out and of course I brought some new oracle cards-lol! 😉 It was a rest that I realised I really needed away from all types of work in a beautiful resort location near the beach. I felt better for it when I went back to work on both fronts. 

The most ironic thing that happened on the last night of my holiday was my website coming back online and I could actually get back into it again. I was so relieved and happy. It made my night but again I had to wait as I was tired and the next day we were travelling home. Again, the message was to rest!

So here we are in February and my website is back on line and working and I’ve pulled a rabbit out of a hat basically! Lots of rewriting content and adding media back up has got it back to even better than before – I hope! It was fun for me getting it back up and I think I’m getting the hang of this website building thing. Maybe I could write an ebook about how to easily create your own website and social media for your business, who knows but its certainly something I’ve enjoyed doing again.

So the message from this blog is to trust in the universe when it throws curve balls that stops you in your tracks and make you pause. Trust that sometimes the universe knows better than you do what you need, even when you feel like it’s putting a big speed bump in your way of progress.  Take the pause and be in it for a while, when you’re ready to come out of the pause things will change again. When the time is right for you, you’ll be back on the wagon moving forward with your life.   Trust! ❤️ 

We don’t often get the chance to fully rest and it benefits so much in our lives including our bodies, our relationships, our mind, our well being and our creativity.  All life needs balance, so as soon as you get a chance have a rest in whatever form your rest is and do that for as long as you can. You’ll come out of it feeling better and your creativity will soar.

Thanks for reading this month’s blog. Hope you have a restful February. 


Mary-Ida. 🙂


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