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This month I’ve been procrastinating big time; feeling so uninspired for Christmas and yet so inspired in my role as an oracle reader for my own business with so many simple every day things inspiring me and begging to be part of my almost daily posts.

Its been cool to find the Ros Oracle Academy courses to update my skills as a professional oracle reader. I love her courses and her beautiful gentle and practical style.  I’ve been adding many of her tips and knowledge to my oracle reading practices and I feel like it’s deepened my skills at both reading the cards as well as picking up messages from the cards for myself and others.

While I’m inspired as an oracle reader, it’s December and it’s coming up to Christmas. A time of year the I used to love as a child and up to being a parent of a young child but this love has gradually faded to the point where this year I’m feeling so uninspired for Christmas time because I feel like it means nothing to me. I relate to and use in my life many Christian values but this Christmas has become something I can’t relate to. I find it very arduous to have to go into busy shops and buy presents for people that they may not even like or appreciate. I also really don’t like crowds of people or lots of noise so it’s like stepping into a zone of uncomfortablness and anxiety provoking and then I’ve got to face it again on Christmas eve to get the food for Christmas. The thought makes me want to run away to a tropicqal island and hide for the Christmas period!  My saving grace is  that I get to escape to work as I couldn’t take any holidays yet so I can hide there for parts of it.

I’m almost feeling anti-Christmas but there are things that I love about it including time with my family who I love and the opportunity to spoil them rotten which I love to do, as well as yummy food to cook and eat and a big spread at work to enjoy too!  Good times!

If my family was into oracles it would be cool fun to sit around the table and read each other’s cards for the coming year. My boyfriend would be happy to share this with me and usually does when we have breakfast together. He loves to choose a card for the day with me. There would be other people interested like my daughter’s nanna, her aunt but everyone else would think it’s weird and wouldn’t be interested. Fair enough really, everyone has their own likes and dislikes that I respect.

I feel like my anti -christmas spirit and my love of oracles are lonely pleasures that I usually do solo. They’re both like my little secrets that I can only share with selected people including you who is reading this-welcome to my secret world lol ?

I carry around my oracle cards each day to rad at my favourite cafes like I carry around my lack of Christmas spirit, keeping it all to myself. I crave to read for people other than myself and close friends and I crave to do Christmas on my own terms. Perhaps next year I can skip some of the Christmas spirit and do my own thing with people I love  and perhaps I can dare to really put myself out there as a professional oracle reader more and more. My major fear is worry about what others will think of me and with Christmas I don’t want to disappoint people I love. It’s funny because I already know I have the lovers and the haters in both areas of my life and I can handle it if people don’t like me or like my work and I also know that my family are always there for me no matter what and if the some of the world hates my work then that’s okay, everyone has a right to their own opinions and likes and dislikes and I know that there are some people who like my work and follow what I do. The thing is though I do what I do because I love to do it and because I feel a shove by the universe to share it with the world, it’s almost like a deep yearning to keep doing it and for such a long time I kept getting thoughts to share what I do with the world, just share it and don’t censor it, so that’s what I do and so far so good. But if it doesn’t work out I can always choose to hide myself gain instead but really I’d prefer to keep doing it and to be able to earn enough money to just work 2 days per week out of home, that would be the ultimate outcome really.

Get ready 2019, it’s the year of the Believe in your Dreams Oracle reader coming out. Perhaps a party on my own terms -small, intimate, full of oracle cards, glasses of wine, eating yummy food, reading each other’s oracle cards and inspiring each other. I might even throw some affirmations in there for inspiration too. Oooh how exciting! Perfect and on my own terms!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas enjoying the festive period with your families and friends whatever wonderful and exciting things that you do.  For all my anti- Christmas thoughts, I know that it’s a wonderful and special time too.

If your interested in an oracle reading for the coming year, feel free to browse my range of oracle readings. The best ones I’d suggest would be a Celtic Cross reading, a personal or a relationship reading with the focus on a general reading for 2019. How exciting!  Look forward to reading for you! ?

Lots of love and Blessings for Christmas.


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